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Niagara IN SUPER has been specially designed for use in very large  communities such as, for instance, automatic water supply points, installed in public spaces and connected directly to the water mains supply.

However, it can be used also for large-scale applications.

Improved Performance

50 litre capacity ice bank, capable of forming 18 Kg of ice, 300l/h pump and 2.5 litre capacity carbonation device

Maintaining Temperature

The agitator motor includes a recycling water pump as standard; this maintains the temperature of the refrigerated water along the path from the machine to the dispensing point.

Verticle Design

The cooler is designed to occupy the least possible space in various installation situations. It is also equipped with strong and practical side handles to facilitate positioning.

Safety accessories         

Accessories such as a water block system, a hydraulic pressure reducer and a water hammer arrestor can be fitted for hydraulic safety.