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This space-saving product can be installed beneath bar counters or in remote corners. It can be completed with a wide range of ergonomic taps.

High-tech solutions ensure that the water dispensed is always chilled and/or sparkling, even when the cooler is installed remotely.

High volume – 65, 120 and 180 litre options Cold and ambient Ice Bank Technology Per Hour 65-180L Cold

Sparkling Water Option

Standard tap options available

The range includes three models with different performance levels: 65 l/h, 120l/h and 180 l/h.

Types of water

Chilled and room-temperature water are always available in the standard version, together with sparkling water in the WG version. The chilled water temperature can be set between 3 and 10°C, and the carbonation setting optimised as desired.

Optimal performance

The ice bank with double coil in the WG 120 and 180 l/h versions improves the efficiency of simultaneous chilled and sparkling water dispensing.


Chlorine filters and purifiers can be fitted to improve the taste and aroma of the water. An anti-bacterial UV system, water meter and timer complete the range of accessories available with the filtering device.

Safety accessories

Accessories such as a water block system, a hydraulic pressure reducer and a water hammer arrestor can be fitted for hydraulic safety.