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An attractive and hygienic water dispenser with exclusive glass touch screen Ideal for offices, schools, high demand areas Great for filling bottles, carafes, decanters and jugs.

Floor standing
High Volume Ice Bank technology
Double Cooling coil for cold and sparkling water 


  • Glass touch screen commands
  • Self-diagnostic alarm warns of interruption to water supply, empty C02 cylinder or water leakage
  • Energy saving stand-by function (75% energy saving)
  • HC refrigerant gases with zero ecological impact and a 15% energy saving
  • Whole machine is recyclable
  • Sleek design with curved top glass or aluminium option
  • Anti-splash drip tray
  • Lockable front access panel
  • Integrated wheels for easy moving
  • CO2 pressure gauge

Optional Extras

Range of cup dispensers – plastic, steel or chrome
Assorted sizes of bio-degradable paper and plastic cups
Bins (round, square or shute style) in black, granite or cream for disposal of cups


Fontemagna Steel steel / aluminium – cold / ambient water
Fontemagna Glass steel / glass – cold / ambient water
Fontemagna Steel Fizz steel / aluminium – cold / ambient / sparkling water Fontemagna Glass Fizz steel / glass – cold / ambient / sparkling water