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There is a range of over 30 models to choose from

We have a comprehensive range of machines dispensing from as little as 3ltrs of filtered water per hour to a massive 200ltrs per hour. Hot, chilled, ambient, boiling and sparkling options.

Using only the most up-to-date ceramic, carbon and coconut filters, mains supplied drinking water is transformed into clear, purified water with a noticeably improved taste, at a greatly reduced cost.

Counter Tops

Space saving and robust for dining areas, canteens, conference rooms & kitchens.

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Water Boilers

High volume output for factories, conference centres, cafes, staff rooms & kitchens.

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Under Sink

Where space is at a premium these undersink units can be installed inside base cupboards. Standard & bespoke taps optional.

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Heavy Duty

Where a high volume of water output is required for schools, college and university dining ares, conference centres and factories.

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Floor Standing

Stylish & elegant or basic designs for offices, reception areas, gyms, staff rooms and showrooms to mention but a few.

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