Currently we are pleased to be partnering with the Frank Water.

Frank Water provides safe, clean drinking water for people in developing countries through their Frank Water Projects.

For every mains fed cooler ordered through the Frank Scheme 20,000 litres of clean water is provided via Frank Water projects with an additional 5000 litres provided for any further dispenser orders. A further 1000 litres is provided with every filter change.

By ordering your water dispensers through the Frank Water Scheme you will be helping Frank Water maintain the excellent work they carry out in the developing world.

Call Frank on 01173 700999 or email to order your dispensers.

For more information about the specific projects they are helping to fund, please follow this link to the FRANK Water Projects charity site at

FRANK Water is a pioneering social enterprise that donates 100% of its profits to sustainable 5-filter clean water projects via its charity arm, FRANK Water Projects.

We are always happy to discuss the development of partnerships. For more detail please contact us at

FRANK funds sustainable projects that provide clean, safe drinking water by installing the world's most effective water filtering process - 5 stage, UV filtering technology, built into a community owned and run facilities. FRANK funds world wide clean water projects.

FRANK has so far funded the installation of 4 projects in Andhra Pradesh, India. An additional 4 more projects in this area are currently under development- benefiting 48 000 people to date.

Each project costs £6,700 and provides clean, safe drinking water for up to 6,000 people in the surrounding communities. FRANK Water staff make annual, self funded visits to the villages and meet with our partners to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of the projects.

Sustainable, Community Run Projects.

FRANK works closely with Naandi (, a local Indian NGO, to identify communities that require clean water facilities. Naandi commits to work in every village that has a facility on all related water issues, including agricultural practices, irrigation, sanitation etc.

Once a project is set up, it is owned, run and maintained by the local community, with WHI and Naandi on hand providing support. Local operators (from that specific village) are trained to operate and maintain the facility.

Villagers pay 1 rupee for every 15 litres of safe drinking water. This price is set by Naandi and is affordable (est. 50p per year per person for drinking water).The 1 Rupee is split into thirds; one third goes towards the operators salaries, the second third towards filters and parts, whilst the last third is reinvested into the community.

FRANK IN AFRICA - FRANK water pilot projects with Water Health International are due for completion in Ghana, Africa in March 2008.