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Welcome to Interflow

We are a family run independent business that source, install, maintain and sanitise boilers, floor standing, counter top and under sink filtered water dispensing machines to schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, large and small businesses across the UK.

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What we do

We source, install and service mains fed filtered water dispensers, which can be purchased from £125.00. We also offer options for rental and lease/purchase.

Our commitment to our customers is reflected by our free site surveys, which we believe is the best way to identify individual customer needs and to establish which of our range of water coolers would suit our customers’ requirements.

With an extensive range of filtered water dispensers to choose from we provide an impartial advisory service by listening to our customers’ individual requirements and identifying the most appropriate dispenser for their needs.

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Extensive market research finds the best product for you

Schools & Colleges

Small & Large Companies

Hospitals & Listed Buildings