We provide a mains fed water dispenser service to numerous charities around the UK and offer special rates for charities.

We are very pleased to be supporting our local charity Build Africa in the vital work they do by making a donation to them for every dispenser sold.

Based in Tunbridge Wells, Build Africa are one of Britain’s leading charities working with young people in rural areas of East Africa.

Their mission is to help young people in Africa escape poverty. Education and enterprise are key to breaking the poverty cycle, which is why their work focuses on providing quality education and business skills training.

Together with local communities, they enable children to learn in safe, clean and well equipped schools and help young people to develop the skills they need to set up a business and provide for themselves and their families.

Working closely with their staff in Kenya and Uganda they have set up, and continue to guide and develop, community based projects designed to have a lasting impact.

The key to their success is the high level of community consultation and participation involved within their work, as well as building relationships with local authorities and agencies which can help them achieve their goals.

Build Africa are a small, dynamic charity committed to a vision of a successful, economically self-sufficient Africa.

They hold themselves accountable to the communities they support in East Africa and to their donors across the world. Build Africa Young People Challenging Poverty building schools, farms and businesses

For more information on Build Africa and the vital work they carry out through their different projects please visit www.build-africa.org.uk