Interflow is a Partnership and was established in 2001 by its founders, Malcom Stanfield and Belinda Knight as a specialist business supplying point of use filtered water dispensers.

With more than 20 years experience in the drinking water industry they saw the future of drinking water provision as mains fed systems using existing tap water supplies for businesses and organisations keen to reduce their costs and their impact on the environment.

Drawing on a professional engineering background and experience in the catering industry respectively, Malcolm and Belinda have developed and adapted the business to meet changing customer requirements.

Interflow today employs a team of installation and service engineers headed by a Chief Engineer, a team of product specialist representatives who visit customers face to face, and customer service and sales teams to provide an all round service.

Why Us?

Customers are the most important part of our business.

We cater for all businesses, institutions and organisations. Wherever there is a need for pure filtered drinking water, Interflow should be your starting point. Unlike some of our competitors, our focus is solely on providing cost effective, convenient and environmentally friendly alternatives to bottled water dispensers.

With the ability to source machines from numerous manufacturers it enables us to offer our customers one of the most extensive ranges of machines in the industry.

All details on each machine are tracked from the initial enquiry including customer information, serial number, materials used on each visit, dates on which sanitisations have been carried out and the date next due.

100% Pass Rate

That EDWCA annually carry out a complete audit on our office procedures: tracking from conception to end everything regarding machines and customers as well as all work methods / systems / health and hygiene regarding sanitisations, installations and maintenance of machines.  Interflow has achieved a 100% pass rate for the last 7 years including this year. 

We are very proud as very few companies have achieved this accreditation click here to view the certificate. machines ideal for our customers’ needs.

Our Experience

Many years working in the drinking water industry has helped us to use our expertise in finding, installing and servicing a wide range of filtered water dispensers.